Met Publicidad Bandera Española
35 years designing, advising, managing and studying a wide range of advertising campaigns

- With all the means of our agency at your fingertips: creativity, production of technical elements and media planning
- Services developed by operational teams coordinated with the director of the account

MET advertising: General Advertising Agency

Founded in 1980, performs all the activities of advertising management: advertisements, advertising, financial ads, classified ads, ads specific to lawyers and solicitors, advertisements for real estate.

Publish your ads

in press and magazines, both printed and digital. 30 years of experience support our work.

Your advertising transmited on the radio.

We manage your advertising campaigns on radio, creating, negotiating
and planning your wedges, microspaces or sponsorships.

Advertising in digital newspapers.

We manage your advertising campaigns, creating, negotiating and planning your ads in digital press. If you contract the publication of your ads with us you will get DISCOUNTS ON THE OFFICIAL RATES.

External advertising.

Services of outdoor advertising on billboards, mopeds, canopies, cabins, monopostes, buses, subways, gigantic screens.

C/Jose Ortega y Gasset 13 1ºE
28006 Madrid
Phone: 91 435 22 23